Архив: Machine Learning Engineer

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IntelIntel, Нижний Новгород, можно удалённо, без опыта, part- или full-time

OneAPI Data Analytics Library (oneDAL) team is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer. oneDAL is a powerful library for data scientists that turns large data clusters into meaningful information with advanced analytics algorithms. You will have a unique opportunity to work in the most promising and rapidly developing area of artificial intelligence and big data analytics and be one of the first who can observe how new technologies change the world around us.


  • Experience in C and C++ languages
  • Strong mathematical/stat background and knowledge in graph analytics area
  • Basic knowledge in machine learning area

The following qualifications would be an added advantage:

  • Knowledge of Windows & Linux development environment
  • Knowledge of Intel development tools and libraries
  • Understanding of floating point operations and IEEE754 standard
  • Knowledge of OpenCL/SYCL languages
  • Knowledge of parallelism in shared (Intel TBB, OpenMP) and distributed (Intel MPI, Apache Spark, Dask) memory


In this role you will be responsible for development, validation and optimizations of Graph Analytics algorithms for modern Intel architectures, integration of them into the customer’s applications.

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