Архив: Senior Software Engineer — Security

От 8000 $
Cube DevCube Dev, Удалённо, опыт от 5 лет, full-time

At Cube Dev, we are building the API layer for data apps.

We are focused on developer success, bottom-up adoption, and open source. Cube.js, our flagship open-source product, has 12,000 stars on GitHub and 4,000 developers in the community Slack. Cube.js is used by companies ranging from Apple, Intel, and Walmart to fast-growing Silicon Valley startups.

Currently, we are a 30-person remote-first team distributed over the US, UK, and Europe with an HQ in San Francisco. Having raised our Series A in July 2021, we’re funded by top-tier Silicon Valley venture funds that have previously invested in Redis, Hazelcast, Gradle, and other infrastructure software startups.

Some of the problems you’ll be working on

  • Proactively improving Cube Cloud security. Cube Cloud provides a platform as a service infrastructure to deploy Cube applications in production capacity at scale. It’s a complex software system spanning multiple clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure), as well as on-prem deployments. In this role you’ll own the security side of the system, and will eventually start and run the security team at Cube.
  • Implementing necessary product changes to improve security It’s a hands on role and you’re expected to be able to implement some of the security fixes by yourself and/or coordinate the effors with the rest of the Cube Cloud team.
  • Responding to security reports. You will monitor and respond to reports coming via security@cube.dev, bug bounty program, responsive disclosure program or through other channels.
  • Ensuring Cube Cloud complies with highest security standards. You will arrange external audits and pen-tests to ensure Cube Cloud complies with various security standards in the industry.


  • Ability to write code in JavaScript, Python, PHP, or similar
  • Strong knowledge of Kubernetes
  • Past experience in a security-related role
  • Strong knowledge of information security fundamentals
  • Experience using security scanners such as Qualys, Nessus, etc.
  • Understanding of major cloud environments (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluent English

Bonus points

  • Participation in security contests
  • Experience writing code in Rust
  • Understanding of the BI space