Архив: UX/UI Designer


We are looking for UI/UX designer to:

  • design radically engaging experience: anybody, everywhere, any age or education, should be hocked into the new world of financial opportunities
  • create the design language and systems across add banners, landing pages, apps, payments, trading and fundraising
  • find client’s problems, opportunities and UX solutions as a product team members
  • wire-frame and validate the design solutions to prepare for development
  • discover and control client’s and UX success metrics
  • lead user testing workouts and guerrilla gunplays contests
  • inspire your teammates to overcome obstacles and get a killing feature released to prod each sprint
  • make us talking with clients without words

The ideal candidate has:

  • 2+ years of proved revolutions in UI/UX
  • intuition backed by data-driven knowledge of the client, clear reasoning and neuroscience
  • focus on clients success and hardworking spirit, thinking that the work-life balance is a low performer’s concept as it assumes a conflict between serving clients and personal needs
  • experience in product analytics or product management or ability to code simple prototypes (is an advantage)
  • worked in a fast-paced startup environment
  • willpower to search and learn advanced UX concepts like triggers-craving-routine-reward loops

Why join:

  • opportunity to build the new world of financial opportunity, a borderless financial system without banks and brokers
  • a hardworking team dedicated to scalable clients’ success
  • generous stock bonuses, opportunity to grow to a founding team member

Заявка на личную беседу

К сожалению, отклики на эту вакансию уже не принимаются. Возможно, компания нашла подходящего кандидата или позиция потеряла актуальность.