Архив: Blockchain Engineer R&D


The successful candidate will work in our R&D team to contribute to development:

  • LACHAIN based on BFT DPOS (consensus and cryptography dev, virtual machine and storage optimization)
  • Cross-chain integrations and exchange
  • Decentralized HFT Exchange LADEX
  • Exchange, node, and wallet UX and infrastructure

Who fits:

  • Brilliant engineering, math and problem-solving skills (ACM/ICPC finalist level)
  • Strong experience in one of C++/C#/Java
  • Solid theoretical background and major experience in blockchain development is a plus
  • Results-oriented diligent self-starter with a strong work ethic
  • Motivated to deliver world-changing solutions by solving hard math and engineering problems

Why join:

  • opportunity to build the new world of financial opportunity, a borderless financial system without banks and brokers
  • a hardworking team dedicated to scalable clients’ success
  • generous stock bonuses, opportunity to grow to a founding team member

Заявка на личную беседу

К сожалению, отклики на эту вакансию уже не принимаются. Возможно, компания нашла подходящего кандидата или позиция потеряла актуальность.